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Whether you’re new to craft coffee, you’re not sure what you’ll love, or you want to try it all, boring, bitter coffee stops right here.

“You have ruined me for life...Thank you!”

I did not know good coffee until I bought Blue Boy! And then I bought it for every coffee lover I know for a holiday gift. This roast is smooth and flavorful. You may have ruined me for life... Thank you!! I look forward to trying other blends.

- Lourdes P.

A hill we'll die on

All people are craft coffee people

You choose the category that best describes you. We’ll give you a curated list of coffees with your name on them.

Classic Coffee

Classic coffees are low maintenance. No-fuss. A friend to all. They fit in everywhere, from a diner to a boutique coffee shop. They say hi to everyone they pass on the street. And they’ve never met a Sunday brunch they didn’t like.

Sound like you?

Contemporary Coffee

Contemporary coffees are nuanced and complex. They’re friendly. Easy going. Not in-your-face. But they’re original, too. If you pay attention, you’ll catch what they say. And they always have cool things to say.

Sound like you?

Avant-garde Coffee

Avant-garde coffees have been everywhere, done everything and they’re back to tell their friends about it. They’re a little out there. Not for everyone. But if you’re up for it, they’ll show you a great time.

Sound like you?

Coffee’s great alone. But better together.

Coffee in good company