Pastry Lead

Pastry Lead

About Methodical

Methodical is a coffee culture company. We roast our coffee and select our teas to express the life it lived and to honor the skilled people who cultivate it. We’re passionate about sourcing, creating, and discovering products to elevate everyday life while strengthening connections and community. We focus on offering high quality products with world class customer service and highly executed experiences.

About the Position

The Methodical Pastry Lead reports to the Head Chef and is responsible for leading Methodical’s pastry program.

Position Responsibilities

  • Collaborating with the Head Chef to produce recipes for offerings.
  • Set the example of exceptional customer service by preparing offerings in a consistent, timely and well-executed manner.
  • Ensure prepped items and dishes follow their respective recipes and are executed by the team to the highest quality possible.
  • Help with the weekly prep of ingredients.
  • Ensure the Kitchen is clean and well-organized.
  • Ensure Bakers are keeping their stations clean and organized.
  • Keep dry good shelves stocked, organized and consolidated.
  • Ensure the backroom is free of clutter, organized, clean, and boxes are unpacked and put away.
  • Ensure weekly operations are executed well including opening, mid-day, and closing duties.
  • Conduct inventory twice a week. 
  • Be available to pick up weekly product orders if needed and/or product that is 86’d or shorted by providers.
  • Be knowledgeable of software used within the kitchen including toast, spreadsheets, and capable of assisting and training new hires.
  • Maintain a consistent level of communication and or recording logs of issues in the event that the problem can not be resolved at the time.

About the Role

This is a team lead role. A team lead is the technical leader of a team. They are accountable for the performance and well-being of their team, but are not responsible for management like compensation, discipline, or termination.

Role Responsibilities

Lead its People

  • Participate in the training of new employees
  • Lead by example in behaviors and practices (awareness of the effects of poor language, tone and perceived attitude has on the rest of the team)
  • Display and teach mastery of their position
  • Shape the work environment through recognizing team members and exhibiting our desired behaviors
  • Ensure staff follows health and safety regulations
  • Communicate concerns and needs up to GM/Manager

Operate & Organize

  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of their team
  • Evaluate and identify areas to improve and work with GM/Manager to create efficiencies
  • Take responsibility in solving any operational problems that arise
  • Work with GM/Manager to implement policies and processes
  • Work with GM/Manager on scheduling respective team members and ensuring adequate coverage.


  • Meet the demands of growth by identifying needs before they’re needed 
  • Work with GM/Manager to execute on meeting team goals
  • Work and collaborate with other Team Leads
  • Assist in the R&D of new opportunities
  • Above all else, do their part in achieving the goal of excellent customer experiences

Job Type

  • Full-time (up to 40hrs/wk)
  • Located at Methodical at the Commons (147 Welborn St Greenville, SC 29601)

About You

  • 2 or more years of experience in a commercial pastry position with:
    • Recipe development and testing
    • Calculation of cost effectiveness 
    • Supervision and training assistance 
    • Monitoring stock and ordering
    • Creative ability 
  • Love learning new things
  • Good verbal communicator
  • Interested in coffee & food culture
  • Able to stay alert, responsive, and attentive
  • Able to stay calm in a busy environment
  • Able to work closely with others
  • Able to handle sharp objects and high heat
  • Able to lift heavy objects and work on your feet
  • Good taste in music


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