Colombia, El Balcon

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Roasts and ships Monday through Thursday.

  • We Taste: Dried Fruit, Lemon, Melon
  • Process: Natural
  • Varietal: Colombia
  • Elevation: 1,400 - 1,900 masl

El Balcon is back! This coffee was a huge hit when we offered it last and this harvest certainly doesn't disappoint. Colombia, often associated to a mellow caramel sweetness, takes a sharp left turn with this natural offering from El Balcon. Get ready for dried fruit, complex and juicy tropical fruits, and a little kick.

Where is it from?

It’s one thing to produce quality coffee. It’s another to do it ethically and with high regard to the environment. The people of El Balcon–a family owned farm just outside of Medellin in Antioquia—have managed to strike this sweet spot with the coffee they produce. In 1991, Humberto Ristrepo founded El Balcon and now Yenny Ristrepo builds on what Humberto began, bringing the farm into a new era of eco-conscious practices. They extend these values to every new decision, including their branching out into natural processing methods.

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Customer Reviews
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Bryan W.
United States United States
Fabulous Coffee!!

If you like fruity coffee this is for you. IMO not many coffees are better than this.

Elizabeth F.
United States United States
Always 100%


United States United States
One of the best coffees I've ever had!

I'm not a review guy. I'm too lazy.... BUT this coffee was so good, I felt compelled to write one just for the sake of writing one. This is literally one of the best, if not THE best coffees I've ever had. I've made it as ristretto espresso, 'regular' espresso, aeropress, and pourover and all are exquisite. I'm a huge nut for natural processed coffees and this packs that fruitiness that most natural processed coffees typically display. It's not a blueberry bomb that can be typical in Ethiopian natural processed coffees, but the huge explosion of fruit notes are completely undeniable in this. If I had to choose one coffee to drink for the rest of my life, it would be this one. My suggested brew, V60 #2, with natural brown #2 Japanese papers. Grind size, med to med fine (rough size of table salt), water at 205 degrees F, 25 g coffee in 420 g water. Bloom with 50 g water for 45 seconds, slowly add up to 420 g total water in concentric circles starting from the center, working your way outward, then back inward, repeat. I use a bonavita variable temp gooseneck kettle and put the kettle back on the base during the bloom to keep the water at 205 ish. Total brew time is around 2.5 to 2.75 mins but there are a few drips that still come out for another 30-45 seconds so I let that do its thing while I'm doing something else in the kitchen.