Ethiopia, Nano Challa
Ethiopia, Nano Challa
Ethiopia, Nano Challa

Ethiopia, Nano Challa

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Whole Bean Coffee. Roasts and ships Monday through Wednesday.

We Taste: Tangerine, Sweet Lemon
Process: Washed, Raised Bed Dried
Varietal: Ethiopia Landraces
Elevation: 1,900 - 2,200 masl

The Nano Challa is a washed Ethiopian coffee and as with most washed African coffees, clarity is the star of this cup. The citrus in this coffee is outstanding, with sweet, lemony notes, tangerine, and a sparkling finish. Drink when you’re celebrating, whether it’s a promotion or a holiday or just making it through Monday.

Where is it from?

In the Oromo language, the words Nano Challa mean “the area above.” The land where the Nano Challa cooperative operates in the Agaro Gera region of Jimma, Ethiopia is both literally elevated, boasting some of the highest altitudes in the region, and has figuratively elevated the once-low grade coffees that came out of the area.

The Nano Challa cooperative has nearly two decades of masterful coffee processing under their belt. Beginning in 2004, about 25 farmers banded together, working to raise the standards for coffee production in the Agaro Gera region. In 2010, an initiative called Technoserve targeted Nano Challa as well as other farming communities to boost technical operations. This helped the coop to build two different washing stations and to grow in their production methods.



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