Nicaragua, Pacamara Honey

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We Taste: Mango, Honey, Tobacco
Process: Honey
Varietal: Pacamara
Region: Nueva Segovia
Altitude: 1,350 - 1,800 masl

This Pacamara coffee is a great representation of the type of quality Nicaragua is capable of and this is our second year buying from this particular farm.

This coffee is available processed two different ways: natural and honey. This one is the honey processed. Honey processed coffees have the skin removed just like washed coffees, but unlike washed coffees, the mucilage–a sticky substance on the coffee seeds–remains intact during drying.

We also have the natural processed version of this coffee available, or purchase both for a 10% discount and taste the difference yourself.

Where it's from

Luis Alberto is the owner of Finca Una Regalo de Dios, a coffee farm in the mountains of northwest Nicaragua. The farm sits in a dense clouded forest rich in biodiversity. The elevation and climate make it the perfect place for producing notable coffees. The care and processing that goes into every lot is second to none. Every detail is carefully considered starting with optimal cherry picking at the farm level all the way through carefully controlled fermentations and drying. Washed coffees are dried between 15-20 days, honeys 20-25 days, and naturals between 25-30 days. Luis is a craftsman and his meticulousness has earned him awards and notariety.

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