Guatemala, Nueva Granada Geisha

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  • We Taste: Honey, Cherry, Orange
  • Process: Honey
  • Varietal: Geisha
  • Region: San Marcos
  • Altitude: 1,600 masl

This is our first reserve release—a new line that brings you the rarest most unique coffee experiences from around the world. Available only in our 8oz reserve bags, this is a very limited release.

Nueva Granada is a honey processed geisha coffee from the farm, Nueva Granada in San Marcos, Guatemala. This beautiful and rare coffee varietal, and its uncommon processing, produces a cup that reminds us of honey, cherry, and orange.

Where it’s from

Finca Nueva Granada is nestled between two volcanos in San Marcos, Guatemala. The volcanic soil and abundant spring water creates the ideal setting for quality coffee cultivation. Finca Nueva Granada is also a Rainforest Alliance certified farm. This certification means this farm is a part of vital conservation efforts, committed to improving the livelihood of its works, and long-term climate resilience.

This geisha is one of Nueva Granada’s most coveted offerings. The geisha varietal is arguably the most prized and rarest coffee varietal on the planet. Its rarity is mostly due to how difficult the plant is to cultivate and its low fruit yields. But the hard work is worth it due to this plant’s ability to produce arguably the best and most unique flavor profiles of any coffee. As the saying goes, there is beauty in struggle.

This particular geisha has been honey processed. Honey processed coffees have the skin removed just like washed coffees, but unlike washed coffees, the mucilage—a sticky substance on the coffee seeds—remains intact during drying.

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