Mexico, Ozolotepec Especial

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We Taste: Hazelnut, Amaretto, Lime
Process: Washed
Varietal: Pluma & Bourbon
Region: Sierra Sur
Altitude: 1,500 - 1,800 masl

This coffee comes to you from Oaxaca, Mexico—an enigmatic region in many ways, but which also produces some of the very best cups in the country. This varietal is a local mutation of the Typica varietal, called Pluma. It produces a little more acidity than most Mexican coffees, but is still noticeably smooth, mellow, and sweet. And is sure to disappear quickly from your cup due to it going down so so easily.

Where it's from

With 16 distinct indigenous groups/cultures alone, many of which grow coffee, the Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca, Mexico is incredibly diverse from an environmental, climatic, and social perspective. While this causes logistical problems, they’re worth navigating due to vibrant and delicious coffees that are produced by these 1-2 hectare farms.

Our importing partner, Red Fox, has invested an enormous effort navigating the complexities of this region including assisting farmers with financing, building supply chain from the farm level, and selecting and vetting for quality, and not just in the cup. All coffee passes through strict moisture content and water activity parameters as well. Farmer’s are also paid a minimum price that far exceeds the rate that these farmers receive through traditional channels. A lot of effort has gone into getting this coffee to you, and we hope it causes you to savor it just a bit more. It’s truly a special thing.

Learn more about Mexico as a coffee growing region on our Coffee Culture blog → 

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Customer Reviews
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Frank B.
United States United States
A few words from the cheap seats….

I made a pour over (Chemex) and a cold brew sample of the Ozolotepec Especial. The pour over was made with 55 g freshly ground bean and one liter of boiling water onto a pre-warmed Chemex pot using their brown paper filter. The brew was solid, with some acidity and characteristic Central and northern South American coffee flavor. The cold brew was made in a Takeya cold brew device with 105 g coffee and 32 oz rev osmosis water. I had much the same impressions. I haven’t made a French press version yet. For me, neither of the brews made with this coffee matched the range and subtlety of the Kenyan Nyeri Hill Estate AB coffee made with the Chemex. I caution that I’ve made the Kenyan three times and only one prep of the Mexican with the Chemex. My views may change upon repetition.

Silvia N.
United States United States
Smooth with distinctive flavors

I really like it. Easy to drink with medium body like I remember from that Oaxacan coffee I had a while ago. It's got hints of the fruit that I like from Ethiopian coffees, but without that acid that puts people off African coffee. I’ll put it this way - My mom loves Colombian coffee - inoffensive and easy to drink. Not too bitter and not too acidic. I like Ethiopian coffee, which is more acidic, but I love the flavors when I add milk, which is basic, thereby neutralizing some of the acid, but leaving enough of the fruity flavors. I drink this coffee as a pour over with milk. I find it very satisfying and a great coffee to put on rotation w my usual Ethiopian natural processed coffees - which Methodical has promised me that we will get More of this year! I’m eagerly awaiting those coffees while sipping this Mexican Ozolotepec Especial. Methodical - don’t pull this coffee off the shelves too soon!

Chris S.
United States United States
Excellent Cup of Coffee

This variety has quickly been a go to for my friends and I. It's a full-bodied, tasty cup of coffee.The citrus really balance out the flavor so it doesn't end on a heavy note.

Christopher H.
United States United States
Delicious brewed Japanese style Iced Coffee

I've never had a true Mexican single origin coffee and was very curious to how it compared to other popular South American coffee and this one stands on its own. I've been brewing it iced for the Summer and its deliciously sweet and aromatic! I had a friend who complemented the smell of the brew even when it was iced and in a cup and said she never smelled a coffee so good that was iced! Highly recommended for cold coffee fanatics or just a nice Summer drink.

Jack H.
United States United States
Ozolotepec Especial

Very good coffee