Panama, Creativa - Mario Lezcano
Panama, Creativa - Mario Lezcano

Panama, Creativa - Mario Lezcano

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Panama, Creativa - Mario Lezcano


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147 Welborn St
Greenville SC 29601
United States


We Taste

Berries, Boozy, Walnut


Chilled Cherry






1,400 masl

Mario Lezcano grew up on his father's coffee farm, but he began his coffee cultivation journey 30 years ago when he was 34 years old. He purchased a five-hectare parcel of his father’s property and together they grew it into what it is today.

Now, at 64 years old, Mario owns 10 hectares, eight of which are dedicated to coffee production of Pacamara, Geisha, Yellow Bourbon, and Caturra varietals, all grown in shade and taken care of by Mario and his family.

Chilled Cherry

This coffee is processed, "chilled cherry". This is when the coffee cherries are placed in airtight steel tanks that are lined with jackets that enable the flow of cool water, cooling the cherries without touching them. The cool temperatures of the fermentation process allow microorganisms to blossom in a controlled, consistent environment. The consistency ensures the pH level lowers slowly and the juicy, fresh fruit profile is preserved long into the ferment. The controlled fermentation can last up to weeks at a time, as temperatures of 15º celsius are maintained throughout the entire process.

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