Coffee Deacon

$48 for a 5lb bag of coffee blended especially for church.


Assembling on Sundays is a vital part of our lives and an important part of our communities. And for hundreds of years, the smell of fresh coffee has accompanied this time together. Coffee Deacon is a new coffee blend we created especially for those times and we're offering it to churches at our wholesale price. 

Coffee is a notoriously dark industry, and I'm not talking about the roast. Coffee farmers and workers are often paid far less than a living wage and coffee farms often use unsustainable farming practices that bring harm to the local environment. 

We source our coffees directly from farms and pay higher than average prices in order to enable coffee farmers to live better lives. We also source coffees from farms that use sustainable farming practices to ensure the land can sustain our love for coffee for years to come.

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Methodical Coffee. Coffee that's better for all.