Brazil, Cold Soul

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  • We Taste: Peanut Butter, Fruit Punch, Berries
  • Process: Cold Wine Yeast Inoculation
  • Varietal: Mundo Novo
  • Elevation: 700 - 800 masl
  • Farm: Fazenda Califórnia

A coffee with an unconventional process that redefines Brazilian coffee.

After harvest, these coffee cherries go through quite a series of processes. The most notable is a 24 hour controlled fermentation when the beans are submerged and inoculated with a special yeast and cold wine. The yeast is selected to control the microbial activity during the fermentation, enhancing the brightness, viscosity and acidity in the cup. The coffee is carefully monitored and regulated by keeping a concise reading of the coffee's PH and sugar levels through BRIX meters. The coffee then goes through a series of drying phases totaling 66 days.

This coffee is produced by Luiz and Flavia Saldanha. After studying Agronomy at one of Brazil's top agricultural universities, Luiz and Flavia have engineered their farm, Fazenda Califórnia, to be renewable and sustainable, and are known for their intense research and experimentation.

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