Brazil, Matas De Minas

Brazil, Matas De Minas

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Varietal: Red and Yellow Catuai

Tasting notes: Berries, Fig, Honey Sweetness

Elevation: 1193 masl

Process: Natural

Mr. Heringer's work with coffee began more than 60 years ago with his grandparents, Walter Heringer and Alzira Daias Heringer, at Tres Barras. Today Fernando works together with his father Wilian Heringer and his wife Glenda Jacomel on the farm. After a period of working as a public official, Fernando moved back to Tres Barras in 2013 to devote himself to the farm's 2.5 hectares of coffee. Fernando built two raised drying beds on the farm's firmest soil. The harvest is done selectively, with several “panhas” during the months of June to September so that only the ripest cherries are picked for drying. The property is located at an altitude of 1,072 to 1,193 meters, with average annual temperature between 66 °F and 72 °F. Fernando harnesses all these favorable conditions to produce cherries of the highest quality.