Colombia, Buenos Aires - Pomelo Washed

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  • We Taste: Apple, Cardamom, Kiwi
  • Process: Pomelo Washed
  • Varietal: Catiope
  • Elevation: 1,650 masl
  • Region: Risaralda, Colombia
  • Farm: Buenos Aires

A coffee co-fermented with pomelo fruit.

Flavored coffee isn't too uncommon in the coffee world. This is often done by adding flavoring agents after the coffee has been roasted. Though our coffees feature tasting notes, our coffees have never been flavored, but the notes simply describe what we think the coffee tastes like. This coffee on the other hand, is co-fermented with pomelo fruit by the coffee farmer with the intention of imparting additional flavor to the coffee. Keep reading to learn more about this new and interesting process.

Finca Buenos Aires is managed by Juliana Restrepo along with her husband Julio Madrid. This coffee underwent Pomelo Washed processing, which was developed after several years of trial and error. Processing begins with the creation of a starter culture for fermentation, as well as a substrate consisting of local fruits, aromatic plants, and spices to feed the culture. Freshly harvested coffee cherries are pulped and then fermented using the special culture for 5–10 days. The fermented coffee is then fully washed and dried for 14–16 days.

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