Colombia, Sebastian Ramirez Pink Bourbon
Colombia, Sebastian Ramirez Pink Bourbon

Colombia, Sebastian Ramirez Pink Bourbon

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Colombia, Sebastian Ramirez Pink Bourbon


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We Taste

Tropical, White Grape, Dark Chocolate


Yeast Inoculated Natural


Pink Bourbon


Quindío, Colombia


1744 masl

A coffee that blends the florality and sweetness of the Pink Bourbon coffee varietal with a wild fermentation processing.

Sebastian Ramirez is quickly becoming well-known for his coffee experimentation. Starting his career over a decade ago as a traditional grower, Sebastian eventually delved deep into fermentation practices. Nowadays he is a master in carbonic maceration, coffee profiles, and varietals. This particular coffee stood out to us because of its intense floral notes and sweetness. To obtain this delicious cup, the coffee cherries were fermented in closed tanks with a culture of microorganisms that have been fed with fructose and lemongrass. This additional step intensifies its flavors which stop you in your tracks.

This coffee is the result of innovation and Sebastian’s intention to intensify the sweetness of the Pink Bourbon variety. Pink Bourbon is a rather rare coffee varietal cultivated in Colombia. It gets its name from the color of the coffee cherries when they are fully ripe, bright pink as opposed to the typical deep ruby red of traditional Bourbon coffee cherries.

We sourced this coffee through our partners at Unblended. A native Colombian, and good friend, Lucas Cuadros helps connect us to farmers like Sebastian Ramirez. Unblended is on a mission to make Coffee Farming an exciting career path for young people. We first came across Sebastian through his IPA process coffee that uses specific yeast strains in the fermentation and we have been a fan of his coffees ever since.We are honored to represent him and can confidently say that his coffees are anything but ordinary.


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