Ecuador, Rosa Encarnación

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Roasts and ships Monday through Thursday.

  • We Taste: Raspberry, Oolong Tea, Jasmine
  • Process: Washed
  • Varietal: Caturra
  • Elevation: 2,300 masl
  • Farm: Finca La Rafaela

A small family farm owned and operated by Rosa Encarnación.

Rosa Encarnación and her husband acquired their farm in 2009, though she didn’t begin cultivating coffee until 2012. She named her farm Finca La Rafaela after their daughter, Rafaela. The farm consists of six year old coffee trees of the Caturra variety grown on one hectare of land. Coffee is harvested throughout the year beginning in May and ending in November. The soil is replenished with organic fertilizers, including gallinasa and coffee fruit pulp.

On top of excellent coffees and the producers who grow them, Ecuador offers another singular value proposition: national labor laws that require all full-time workers receive a fair minimum wage, health care, and paid time off. While our purchasing model here looks different than our work in Peru, Colombia, or Mexico, Ecuador offers a rare opportunity to present customers with a model for what it looks like to purchase coffee from workers whose nationally-guaranteed rights are similar to those in the US.

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