El Salvador, El Almendro

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  • We Taste: Peach, Passionfruit, Berries
  • Process: Natural
  • Varietal: Bourbon
  • Elevation: 1,400 masl

One of coffee’s many characteristics that adds nuance is varietal. Just like apples or tomatoes, there’s a lot of variety in coffee varietals. Some coffees end up being a blend of a few varietals, but here we have a lot that is purely the Bourbon (pronounced like boar-bone) varietal. Bourbon is a descendant of the Typica varietal and is known for its sweet taste.

El Almendro is a lot of 100% Bourbon beans from the farm, El Naranjito. This coffee is grown on 50 year old trees that sit at 1,400 masl (meters above sea level) and overlook the Pacific ocean. During the rainy season the trees barely get touched by sunlight. Fog surrounds the farm from early morning and so the beans grow slowly under very humid conditions. This is undoubtedly favorable for coffee plants. With all the nuances of varietal, growing conditions, and processing, we taste peach, passionfruit, and berries in this harvest.

Where is it from?

Mapache Coffee is a fifth-generation company known for refurbishing farms and bringing them back to life to be productive and sustainable. They’re the owners of El Naranjito, the farm from which this coffee comes from. Mapache Coffee employs over 125 locals year-round, but during harvest season, their staff swells to 600 people who work together to build coffee nurseries, replant at Mapache’s six farm properties, and process the perfectly ripe cherries that come from them.

Mapache maintains a strong commitment to the well-being of the coffee forests, ensuring that every farm has a canopy protecting the coffee plants and soil. Their modern wet mill uses limited amounts of water during the washing process, then recycles and reuses that water in the same process. All the remaining pulp from the wet milling process is incorporated back into the farms as compost, returning key nutrients to the soil.

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