Ethiopia, Dinkalem
Ethiopia, Dinkalem

Ethiopia, Dinkalem

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Ethiopia, Dinkalem


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Honey, Pear, Caramel




Landacre Varieties


Keffa, Ethiopia


1,880 - 2,000 masl

A meticulously cultivated and naturally processed Ethiopian coffee with a clean cup and vibrant flavor.

This is a community lot. Meaning it is the culmination of a community's work. Most farmers in Ethiopia are smallholders, meaning they farm less than 5 acres of land. Sometimes harvesting plots this small can yield less than a full bag of cherries. That's why the community comes together to group their harvests to produce larger lots. These coffees cherries are harvested, brought to the mill, and that same day's cherries are processed together to create a large enough lot for export.

Even though the coffee lots are combinations of harvests from all the smallholder farmers, each lot can taste dramatically different just because of when the cherries were harvested, whether early in the season or late.

This coffee comes to us from Dinkalem who owns several coffee sites in the Keffa area of Ethiopia, including a washing station. It was sourced through our importing partner, Catalyst Trade. We've been working with them for years because of their amazing relationships in Ethiopia and their ability to help us source coffees that are ethically, responsibly, and sustainably produced.

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