Ethiopia, Dur Feres

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Roasts and ships Monday through Thursday.

We Taste: Blueberry, Blackberry, Cherry
Process: Natural
Varietal: 74/158, 74/110, Setami, Mikicho
Region: Sidama
Altitude: 1,800 masl

A unique blend of specialty and premium grade coffees that produce an iconic natural Ethiopian flavor of blueberry, blackberry, and cherry. This coffee is also organic certified.

Where its from

All coffee falls somewhere on a grading scale. Coffees scoring higher than an 80 is deemed specialty grade, and these coffees make up around 5% of the total coffee market. The 88+ scoring coffees are the easiest to sell due to their interesting flavor profiles and they also bring the highest profits. But farmers then have to find buyers for the rest of their lot which is typically the majority of their crop.

This is where Michael McIntyre comes into the story. Michael developed Dur Feres, a carefully selected blend of coffee from families and communities where the highest priced lots have already been sold. Dur Feres offers the same level of traceability, organic certification, and iconic Ethiopian flavor profile, but provides a steady rotation of fresh crop and a dependable flavor profile for buyers. Truly a clever solution to a sustainability problem.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Mario T.
United States United States

Rich and citrusy!

Lynn P.
United States United States

The aroma and flavor of Ethiopia dur feres has spoiled me for any other coffees outside of Methodical Roasters. It is a heady ripe berry taste like no other. Methodical knows coffee!

Nathan R.
United States United States

A friend of mine and I get mistobox coffees and taste them in different brew methods and this Ethiopia is our current coffee, roasted on november 3rd, and it is perfectly delicious from start to finish. Very good sweetness, clean body, no undesirable flavor notes to be found. An amazing origin and roasted very well, both agreed this is the best Ethiopia we have gotten through misto in a while. A lot of times they are a little under roasted and creates a bit of a green flavor that reduces the desirable berry sweetness we all love from these naturals. One of those coffees you go for another sip and its gone already, great work!

Cover J.
United States United States
Never had anything like it

This was my first time trying an Ethiopian coffee, and I was really blown away as soon as I opened the bag and got a smell. Definitely was not disappointed by the espresso it made either, very smooth and fruity.

Michael G.
United States United States
wonderful coffee

Thank you all so much for creating this product. Very unusual, subtle, lighter in color, and so fruity! A great contrast to other coffees. I am enjoying having some each morning, and look forward to hopefully purchasing more soon.