Ethiopia, Elala
Ethiopia, Elala

Ethiopia, Elala


We Taste

Citrus, Floral, Tea-like




74158 & 74112


Sidama, Ethiopia


1,920 - 2,330 masl

A beautiful Ethiopian coffee that is light, smooth, and slightly citrusy.

Elala means "mountain" in the Sidama language. It's the name given to a specific lot of coffee from the Bona Qiqe Washing Station in Sidama, Ethiopia. Like a lot of communities in Ethiopia, coffee farmers cultivate small amounts of coffee and lack the resources to process and export it themselves. So washing stations, like Bona Qiqe, are set up within these communities to purchase the harvested coffee cherries from the local farmers and process and export it on their behalf. The Bona Qiqe washing station serves the 400 farmers of the Bona Zuria district within Sidama. It's an area high in the mountains, cultivating coffee at elevations from 1,920 to 2,330 meters above sea level. This high elevation causes coffee to ripen late in the year where harvests happen between November and January. Coffee cherries are brought to Bona Qiqe where they're sorted, processed to remove all the fruit and mucilage from the beans, graded for quality and put into lots to be sold to folks like us and enjoyed by folks like you.




By you? Yes. By us, sadly, no. Currently, we can only ship whole-bean coffee.

We roast to order and ship Monday-Thursday. Orders are usually fulfilled the production day after they are placed (for example, orders placed on Monday will ship on Tuesday). Orders placed Thursday-Sunday will be fulfilled and shipped on Monday.

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If your package is delayed, let us know and we'll track it down and escalate its delivery. If it's delayed more than 2 weeks past the shipment date, and your order includes coffee, we'll either refund your money or ship you fresh coffee at no cost.

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