Ethiopia, Guji
Ethiopia, Guji
Ethiopia, Guji
Ethiopia, Guji

Ethiopia, Guji

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Whole bean coffee

Varietal: Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars
Tasting notes: Sweet Lemon, Floral, Blackcurrant
Elevation: 1,900 - 2,200 masl
Process: Washed

The METAD company has sustainable farming and processing operations in “Hambela”, Guji Zone, Oromia Regional State.  It also has socially responsible operations where currently, over 70% of Hambela farm and Gedeb site workers are women, a percentage hope to continually increase.  A portion of all METAD profits are reinvested in the community. In addition, 408 elementary school students in Hambela are sponsored to ensure they receive a world-class education.   

The “Hambela” farm is located in the fertile Oromia regional State, in Guji zone, between the two districts of  Gedeb and Hambela, about 297 miles South of Addis Ababa (the Capital of Ethiopia), and 12.5 miles east of Dimtu Town (the capital of Hambela). The farm is 494 acres in size. METAD has also implemented an “Out Growers Program,” where the surrounding farmers are working closely with the company (such as  agronomists, processing experts, etc…) in producing high quality coffees.

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