Ethiopia, Modor Shantawene
Ethiopia, Modor Shantawene

Ethiopia, Modor Shantawene

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Ethiopia, Modor Shantawene


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Tangerine, Lemon, Apricot




Setami, Mekicho


Bensa, Ethiopia


1,950 - 2,150 masl

A refreshing Ethiopian coffee with a vibrant juicy character.

We purchased this coffee through our partners at Catalyst Trade. We have been buying coffee from Catalyst for 3 years now and have come to know them as having some of the most traceable, delicious Ethiopian coffee on the market.

The Shantawene village is situated between the village of Bombe and Bombe mountain. Modor Shantawene is the name of the local washing station. This coffee was cultivated by the smallholder farmers of the Shantawene village. Once delivered to the washing station, coffee cherries intended for washing (rather than natural processing) are run through the disk pulper to remove the fruit. Next, the pulped cherries are density sorted by using flowing water, screens, and cement channels to funnel the various densities of cherries in the right direction. There are three different densities, 1st Density/heaviest,, 2nd Density/middle, and Floaters (includes some pulp and detritus, and the lightest-density coffees). 1st density coffees are destined for Grade 1 export and result in stunning washed process profiles like this Modor Shantawene, Bensa.

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