Guatemala, Nueva Granada Geisha

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  • We Taste: Honey, Cherry, Orange
  • Process: Honey
  • Varietal: Geisha
  • Region: San Marcos
  • Altitude: 1,600 masl

This is our first reserve release—a new line that brings you the rarest most unique coffee experiences from around the world. Available only in our 8oz reserve bags, this is a very limited release.

Nueva Granada is a honey processed geisha coffee from the farm, Nueva Granada in San Marcos, Guatemala. This beautiful and rare coffee varietal, and its uncommon processing, produces a cup that reminds us of honey, cherry, and orange.

Where it’s from

Finca Nueva Granada is nestled between two volcanos in San Marcos, Guatemala. The volcanic soil and abundant spring water creates the ideal setting for quality coffee cultivation. Finca Nueva Granada is also a Rainforest Alliance certified farm. This certification means this farm is a part of vital conservation efforts, committed to improving the livelihood of its works, and long-term climate resilience.

This geisha is one of Nueva Granada’s most coveted offerings. The geisha varietal is arguably the most prized and rarest coffee varietal on the planet. Its rarity is mostly due to how difficult the plant is to cultivate and its low fruit yields. But the hard work is worth it due to this plant’s ability to produce arguably the best and most unique flavor profiles of any coffee. As the saying goes, there is beauty in struggle.

This particular geisha has been honey processed. Honey processed coffees have the skin removed just like washed coffees, but unlike washed coffees, the mucilage—a sticky substance on the coffee seeds—remains intact during drying.

Brew recommendations


28g Coffee : 430g Water (about 1:15)

Grind size: Medium/Medium Coarse (Go just a couple clicks coarser than what your normal pour over grind size would be, but not quite to what you would use for drip)

Water Temp: 205

  • @ 0:00 - Pour 50g of water for the bloom. Be sure to evenly saturate all of the coffee grounds and then gently stir the slurry to break up any dry pockets. (Scale should read 50g)
  • @ 0:45 - Pour an additional 200g of water starting in the center, working your way out to the edges and back to the center. Pour with a medium flow rate and fairly quick circles. (Scale should read 250g)
  • @ 1:15 - Pour an additional 100g of water in the same fashion as the last pour but a bit more gentle this time. (Scale should read 350g)
  • @ 2:00 - Pour an additional 80g of water very gently in circles. (Scale should read 430g)
  • @ 3:00-3:15 - The coffee should be done draining and you should have a nice flat bed at the bottom of your kalita


30g Coffee : 460g Water

Grind size: Medium Coarse (Same as you would use for drip coffee) 

Water Temp: 205 

  • @ 0:00 - Pour 50g of water for the bloom. Be sure to evenly saturate all of the coffee grounds and then gently stir the slurry to break up any dry pockets. (Scale should read 50g)
  • @ 0:45 - Pour an additional 250g of water starting in the center, working your way out almost to the edges and back to the center. Pour with a medium/heavy flow rate and fairly quick circles. Gently stir the slurry 5 times. (Scale should read 300g)
  • @ 2:00 - Pour an additional 160g of water straight down the middle of the chemex with a light flow rate (try to match the flow rate of the coffee draining so that the slurry stays at one constant height) (Scale should read 460g)
  • @ 3:45-4:00 - Coffee should finish draining and you should be left with a slightly concave coffee bed in the bottom of your filter.

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Customer Reviews
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Andrew T.
United States

It makes for a pretty well balanced and fruit forward espresso but with more clarity than some natural processed coffees

United States United States
Flavor Heaven

Wonderful experience. Great quality and tasting coffee.

Inna R.
United States United States

Worth every dollar! Absolutely delicious and now I can’t drink anything else! Very interesting flavors and so beautifully balanced. Great job!

United States United States
Sets a high bar

Entirely balanced and wholesome; full. Medium body, complex flavor, moderate acidity, well balanced, great sweetness. Most importantly, no perceptible negatives. This coffee will absolutely make you wish all coffee was this good. This is my new bar against which all other coffee will be judged.

Mitchell C.
United States United States

A wonderful coffee brewed experience.