Honduras, Walter Bautista - Honey
Honduras, Walter Bautista - Honey

Honduras, Walter Bautista - Honey

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Honduras, Walter Bautista - Honey


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Santa Barbara


1,480 masl

We asked Walter to set aside a portion of his harvest to honey process—an alternative way to process coffee where the mucilage (a sticky substance on the coffee seeds) remains intact during drying impacting the coffee's flavor.

We're so thankful to work with Walter Bautista again. This is the third time we've offered his coffee. Walter is a very busy farmer growing all kinds of things, not just coffee. But the coffee he grows is excellent, so we bought all of it. This is Walter's 2021 harvest—the culmination of a year of hard work and care. It's also wildly different in flavor than past years, a testament to the dramatic impact weather can have on the flavor of coffee. We hope you enjoy it.

Where is it from?

Walter Bautista is a fourth-generation coffee farmer. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, in 2016, that Walter planted his own 2000 trees, though, beginning the career that has been handed down to him through the generations. His farm, Medalla Milagrosa, is located in Las Flores in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras, a rainy hillside area with rich mountain soil. The geography famously makes it difficult to execute one crucial aspect of coffee processing: drying. The rains, though, have created a special challenge to farmers and producers in the area, resulting in the investment in drying systems and the subsequent clear, fruity flavors that are unique to Santa Barbara coffees.

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