Kenya, Ndiamini AB

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Roasts and ships Monday through Thursday.

We Taste: Red Apple, Coconut, Tangerine
Process: Washed
Varietal: SL28, SL34, Ruiri II, Batian
Region: Konyu
Altitude: 1,600 masl

Though Kenya’s soil and climate is ideal for producing quality coffee, it is Kenya’s notable commitment to processing that draws attention. The entire regimen is sometimes referred to as the 72 hour process, a triple ferment process where the third stage utilizes fresh water to remove any lingering fruit. For this coffee, the volcanic soil and freshwater streams along with the triple ferment washing process produces a cup that reminds us of red apple, coconut, and tangerine.

Where it’s from

This coffee comes from the Ndimaini factory, which is located just outside the central town of Karatina. A total of 1,143 coffee producers from three communities provide coffee cherry to the factory. Like other coffee growing regions in Africa, Kenyan farmers are smallholders and typically produce enough cherry for just a few bags. Washing stations, like the Ndimaini factory, play an enormous role not only in the quality of the final product, but in marketing and selling coffee on behalf of the communities.

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