Nicaragua, Un Regalo de Dios
Nicaragua, Un Regalo de Dios
Nicaragua, Un Regalo de Dios

Nicaragua, Un Regalo de Dios

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Whole Bean Coffee. Roasts and ships Monday through Wednesday.

We Taste: Honey, Brown Sugar, Chocolate
Process: Honey
Varietal: Pacamara
Elevation: 1,350 - 1,700 masl

Honey processing often lends enough sweetness and dimension to a coffee to send it down the middle path – enjoyable by folks who love nuanced coffees and folks who just want something approachable. This coffee fits that mold. Drink it black or with cream and sugar. The chocolatey sweetness handles nicely however you prepare it.

Where is it from?

In the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range north of the Nueva Segovia department of Nicaragua, Finca Un Regalo de Dios sits in a humid, clouded forest on sandy soils. The farm itself is 179 acres with 130 dedicated to coffee, which benefits from the elevation, loose soil, and ample rainfall of the biodiverse region.

The owner and farmer of Un Regalo de Dios, Luis, is an award-winning producer. In 2017, he placed 13th and 3rd place in the COE Nicaragua, and 1st and 5th place in 2018. It’s because of the land, yes, but also because of Luis’ careful processing of each and every lot, starting with selective cherry-picking and ending with a relaxed drying period, especially for honey coffees like this one.



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