Ventolera Collection Box PRESALE

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PRESALE: Coffee will be roasted and shipped the week of May 17.

3 6oz bags of our Ventolera offerings.

One of our favorite coffee producers is Felipe Trujillo. His farm, La Ventolera in Santa Bárbara, Antioquia, Colombia has produced some of our most memorable offerings. So we put them together in a Producer Sample Box so you can experience the breadth of flavor from Felipe's processing techniques. All purchasers are also invited to an online Q&A between Felipe and Methodical co-owner, Will Shurtz.

The Ventolera sample box includes 6oz bags of:

  • Ventolera Orange Washed: Castillo varietal processed carbonic maceration
  • Ventolera Black Honey: Castillo varietal processed aerobic fermentation
  • Ventolera Estate: Castillo varietal processed traditional washed

All purchasers will receive an invitation to join a live online Q&A with Felipe and Methodical co-owner, Will Shurtz. Date and time TBD.

Felipe Trujillo had a successful career as a CEO at an office supply company, but chose a career-path-change and decided to help his father manage the traditional coffee farm they had inherited from his grandfather. Led by passion, from day one, he began drawing inspiration from the wine industry, where he became a disciplined student of fermentation processes. Today, his farm, La Ventolera, has become a regional institution for specialty coffee. There he preaches his passion for coffee designing and teaches young farmers the art and science of coffee processing.

Learn more about Felipe on our sourcing partner's website, Unblended Coffee.

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