Calling all Baristas

by Marco Suarez

We are currently not taking applications.

Methodical Coffee is a gourmet coffee shop and roaster in Greenville, SC. We have three locations and we’re looking to grow our barista team. This is a full-time position.

About the role

As a Methodical barista you’ll be on the frontlines of our business operations. We expect all our baristas to:


  • Develop a deep understanding and breadth of knowledge of all our offerings (coffee, food, and other).
  • Develop an understanding of coffee regions, processes, brew types, etc.
  • Be able to execute all our beverage offerings to our standard of quality.
  • Follow all recipes and procedures.
  • Be able to dial in coffee on brew bar and espresso.

Customer service

  • Greet, welcome, and provide exceptional service to every customer.
  • Be able to educate customers on our offerings and coffee in general.
  • Be eager to care for customer needs.


  • Keep stations clean and organized.
  • Keep seating areas clean and organized.
  • Be eager to help with prep, dish washing, and stocking shelves.

About you

Culture is important to us. The way our staff interacts with customers, each other, and leadership is important to maintaining a healthy work environment. We expect all our staff to:

  • Be passionate about coffee and hospitality.
  • Be mindful of the details.
  • Be energized by a fast pace environment.
  • Love creating order in chaos.
  • Enjoy being part of a team.
  • Take what you do seriously, but not yourself.
  • Respect each other.
  • Accept feedback from peers and leadership.
  • Continually look for ways to improve.
  • Not be a jerk.

About us

  • Mediocre is not in our vocabulary.
      • We do not do things halfway. We act with intention, knowledge, experience, and conviction.
      • We hurry, but we do not rush.
          • Convenience and speed is not our competitive advantage, but it is part of good customer service.
            • We always look for ways to optimize, create efficiencies, and do better faster without sacrificing quality.
            • We treat people, places, and things well.
                • We treat everyone well and equally, we keep our spaces clean and organized, we take care of our stuff.
                • We are conscious of our impact.
                    • We know the implications and consequences of our actions. 

                      Employee perks

                      • Accrue paid-time-off (PTO).
                      • Paid breaks.
                      • Give and receive Bonusly points.
                      • Free coffee and discounts on food and retail.
                      • Free bag of Methodical Coffee every month.
                      • Pick a Super Buddy to receive half off coffee.

                      Other details

                      Every staff member starts with a 3 month probation. At the end of the 3 months if it’s clear it’s not working out, we’ll go our separate ways. If it is working out, you’ll officially be part of the team.

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