About Methodical

Methodical is a coffee culture company. We roast our coffee and select our teas to express the life it lived and to honor the skilled people who cultivate it. We're passionate about sourcing, creating, and discovering products to elevate everyday life while strengthening connections and community. We focus on offering high quality products with world class customer service and highly executed experiences.

About the Position

Baristas prepare our cafe offerings and tend to our customer's needs.

Position Responsibilities


  • Develop a deep understanding and breadth of knowledge of all our offerings (coffee, food, and other).
  • Develop an understanding of coffee regions, processes, brew types, etc.
  • Be able to execute all our beverage offerings to our standard of quality.
  • Follow all recipes and procedures.
  • Be able to dial in coffee on brew bar and espresso.

Customer service

  • Greet, welcome, and provide exceptional service to every customer.
  • Be able to educate customers on our offerings and coffee in general.
  • Be eager to care for customer needs.


  • Keep stations clean and organized.
  • Keep seating areas clean and organized.
  • Be eager to help with prep, dish washing, and stocking shelves.

About the Role

Team Members are individual contributors who are accountable for their own performance and contribution to their team. Their primary responsibilities include:

Role Responsibilities

  • Develop a deep understanding of their position's subject matter
  • Develop the skills necessary to perform the tasks of their position
  • Consistently execute and operate at our standards
  • Uphold our culture and contribute to a team-oriented environment
  • Effectively communicate with teammates, leadership, and customers
  • Contribute to achieving their team's goals
  • Follow all required processes and procedures
  • Above all else, do their part in achieving the goal of excellent customer experiences

About You

  • Passionate about coffee and hospitality.
  • Mindful of the details.
  • Energized by a fast paced environment.
  • Love creating order in chaos.
  • Enjoy being part of a team.
  • Take what you do seriously, but not yourself.
  • Respect others.
  • Accepts feedback from peers and leadership.
  • Always looking for ways to improve.

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