Cool down with our summer seasonal coffee

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A hill we'll die on

All people are craft coffee people

You choose the category that best describes you. We’ll give you a curated list of coffees with your name on them.

Classic Coffees

Classic Coffee

Classic coffees are low maintenance and a friend to all. They're reminiscent of the classic coffees we grew up with. Dark and roasty but never bitter. They fit in everywhere, from a diner to a boutique coffee shop.

Sound like you?

Contemporary Coffees

Contemporary Coffee

Contemporary coffees are nuanced and complex. They’re friendly. Easy going. Not in-your-face. But they’re original, too. They keep your attention but don't make a fuss about it, making them perfect as your daily drinker.

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Avant-garde Coffees

Avant-garde Coffee

Avant-garde coffees have been everywhere, done everything and they’re back to tell their friends about it. They’re a little out there. Not for everyone. But if you’re up for it, they’ll show you a great time.

Sound like you?

“You have ruined me for life...Thank you!”

I did not know good coffee until I bought Blue Boy! And then I bought it for every coffee lover I know for a holiday gift. This roast is smooth and flavorful. You may have ruined me for life... Thank you!! I look forward to trying other blends.

- Lourdes P.

Coffee’s great alone. But better together.

Coffee in good company