Cascara, Helsar de Zercaro
Cascara, Helsar de Zercaro
Cascara, Helsar de Zercaro

Cascara, Helsar de Zercaro

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Coffee cherry husk

Region: West Valley Region, Costa Rica
Varietal: Caturra, Catuaí, Villalobos Typica
Elevation: 1700 masl
Tasting notes: Stone Fruit, Citrus, Honey

Ricardo Perez has been farming coffee in Costa Rica for over 20 years at his farm Helsar de Zercaro. For the past few years, though, he’s worked to expand operations at the farm to include the production of Cascara, the dried, naturally sweet husk of the coffee cherry fruit. Under the guidance of the University of Costa Rica’s School of Food Science and Technology, the folks at Helsar de Zercaro have perfected their process.  The result? A vibrant, bright infusion that steeps to a deep coppery red color and tastes fully of stone fruit, citrus, and woody notes. Simply steep the dried fruit with water in a 1:16 ratio for 4 minutes, remove the solids, and enjoy.

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