Colombia, Catw
Colombia, Catw

Colombia, Catw

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Colombia, Catw


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White Tea, Peach, Strawberry


Double Anaerobic




Piendamó, Cauca, Colombia


1,900 masl

A delicate and light coffee with tea-like body and notes of stone fruit and berry.

Catw (pronounced cat-oo) is of the Caturra varietal—a common varietal in Colombia known for its small size (the name means small) and good yield. But like most coffees from our friends at Tío Conejo, it most certainly does not taste common.

The "double anaerobic" processing begins with sorting the coffee cherries to remove unripe or low density cherries. Then the cherries are cleaned with Ozone gas and UV light. The first fermentation lasts just for 24 hours where the coffee cherries are immersed in water with a PH of 6 and with one specific type of yeast. Then the beans are depulped and placed in air tight fermentation bioreactors for the second fermentation where the coffee sits for 36 hours in water with a PH of 5. After the double anaerobic process is complete, the beans are washed and spread out on raised beds to dry.

This coffee comes to us from our friends at Tío Conejo. Tío Conejo translates “Uncle Rabbit” and is a beloved character from Colombia’s coffee growing region folklore symbolizing the traditional values, wit, and tenacity of its people. Started in 2010 and nestled between an elevation of 1,700 to 2,000 meters above sea level, Tío Conejo is not just a production farm, but home to both owners and employees and their families. Making this a true family-run operation where everyone strives to produce coffees with exceptional characteristics; all the while tirelessly dedicated to protecting, and preserving the fauna, flora, and architecture endemic to this region.

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