Costa Rica, Ureña Rojas Family
Costa Rica, Ureña Rojas Family

Costa Rica, Ureña Rojas Family

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Costa Rica, Ureña Rojas Family


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We Taste

Berries, Hazelnut, Creamy




Red Catuai


Rivas, Chirripó, Brunca, Costa Rica



The flavor of this coffee reminds us of strawberries and hazelnut, but with a creamy body to supports its fruitiness.

Not only does this coffee stand out with its creamy, fruity flavors, but also with the innovative approach which focuses on utilizing natural processes to conserve water. As we establish our relationship with Café Rivense del Chirripó, we are excited to have more direct access to their exceptional coffees and continue supporting their conservation efforts.

Régulo Ureña and Isabel Rojas founded the family-owned micromill, Café Rivense del Chirripó in southern Costa Rica in 2005 when cattle farming was no longer a viable business. Now it’s a family affair with their 4 sons joining in. This is a natural-processed lot grown at one of the several high-elevation areas sitting at 1,600 masl and consisting of the Red Catuai variety. The cherries are first hand-picked at their ripest stage and then put out to dry piled together on elevated beds for the first day. This allows the coffee to ferment together for a small amount of time. Then it is spread out and dried for 6-8 days before completing the drying phase in a mechanical dryer for 4 days, aiming to reach 10% moisture. 

how to brew

Pour Over Recipe


25 grams of coffee ground medium


400 grams of 205 F* Water


Pour 50 grams of water to start. After 40 seconds, add up to 200 grams of water. At 1:30, pour all water. Finish at 3:00-3:25


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By you? Yes. By us, sadly, no. Currently, we can only ship whole-bean coffee.

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