Vietnam, Vuong Family
Vietnam, Vuong Family

Vietnam, Vuong Family


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Apples, Berries, Mango


Anaerobic Natural




Lac Duong, Central Highland of Vietnam



This coffee has a floral complexity similar to tea, while also providing a mix of sweetness and juiciness reminiscent of ripe apples and mangos.

The Vuong siblings are a second generation family of coffee producers in Vietnam. Hieu and his brother Trung currently oversee the coffee farms alongside their father. As young producers, both under the age of 40, they possess a total of 12 hectares (30 acres) divided between two farms. Each farm boasts a 1,200 square meter drying area and a total of 5,000 Java variety trees, obtained from a farmer in Laos. In addition to the Java variety, the Vuong Family also cultivate Catimor, Yellow Bourbon, and Orange Bourbon beans. We were immediately drawn to this coffee during our cupping session due to its light, complex flavor profile with just a hint of funk. In our pursuit to showcase lesser-known origins in specialty coffee, we are thrilled to begin our journey in Vietnam with this exceptional coffee and the Vuong Family, with whom we hope to establish a long-term partnership.

It took 4,800kg of cherries to produce just 600kg of green coffee. The cherries were picked by hand when ripened, washed to remove floaters and put in 60kg bags with added water and sealed for 86 hours to create a low oxygen environment. After that, they were washed again before drying on the raised bed for 15 days.

how to brew

Pour Over Recipe


24 grams of coffee ground medium-fine


400 grams of 205* water


Pour 50 grams of water to start. After 40 seconds, add 200g. At 1:30 pour all water. Finish at 3:00-3:30.


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