Shake It Up: How We Make Cold Coffee

Shake It Up: How We Make Cold Coffee

When the sun is out in Greenville, people flock to downtown. In fact, they flock to the very block that our flagship shop is on. There’s a plaza there that our uber-tall windows look out on—a common space with casual seating, hardscaping that invites folks to climb and sit and meander, shrubs and trees that make for a welcome respite from the heat of the streets. Roll in on a Saturday morning, and you’ll find a flock of sunglassed faces, clutching their totefuls of market goods and sipping on something cold. 


While we know that there’s a distinctly *cold weather* vibe that accompanies coffee, we’ve found ourselves in the center of our towns summer culture. For that reason, we make sure to offer cold drinks that are also a little special. From the get go, our cold coffee has been a favorite. The fresh-brewed, flash-chilled, frothy drink is light, refreshing, and showcases the natural delicacy of coffee. 

We’ll walk you through how we make our cold coffee, and you can enjoy it right where you are in any season.

Brewing coffee

First, We Brew

  1. Set up just as you would for a pour over–drip brewer, filter, kettle, a vessel to brew into.

  2. Grind 28 grams of any coffee (we used our Natural Guji) at a slightly-finer-than-medium grind.

  3. Dump the grounds in a pre-wet filter and, setting a timer, bloom* for 30 seconds. We use about 50 ml of water for the bloom.

  4. After 30 seconds has passed, pour in 200 ml of water slowly and in concentric circles.

  5. When your timer reads ~1:15, pour in a final 50 ml of water. Your total volume at this point should be 300 ml.

Shaking cold coffee

Then, We Shake

  1. Prepare a cocktail shaker with ice filled to the top of the “big side”(we use an 18 oz koriko shaker).

  2. Pour the 300 ml of hot, brewed coffee directly over the ice, cover, and shake vigorously until the shaker gets ice cold.

  3. Strain the shaken cold coffee into a 10-12 oz glass.

cold coffee

Then, We Chill

  1. DRINK UP!


Written by Angie Thompson