current single origin cold brew

Colombia, Pedro Echavarria

Currently, our single origin cold brew is featuring the coffee, Colombia, Pedro Echavarria. Named after its producer, this is a naturally processed coffee with hints of fruit sweetness.

After careful selective hand harvesting and sorting, the coffee undergoes the initial drying phase on shaded raised drying beds for 48 hours evenly spread out along the beds with a thin layer of fruit mucilage lining the parchment. The coffee is routinely raked and rotated across the drying beds to maximize exposure and ensure consistent drying. The second phase, the parchment is transferred into the drying silos and stored at 40 degrees Celsius for 72 hours until the coffee moisture and water activity levels are calibrated and dried to their optimum levels.

We taste

Stone Fruit, Tamarind, Medium Body


Finca Agualinda


Santa Barbara, Antioquia, Colombia


Variedad Colombia