current single origin cold brew

Colombia, Red Bomb

Currently, our single origin cold brew is featuring the coffee, Colombia, Red bomb. Named after its red round fruity taste, this is a washed coffee that tastes like a sweet natural process.

First the cherries ferment in open tanks for 120 hours. Then the beans are depulped and fermented for another 50 hour. Finally it's washed, which allows the beans to interact with the yeast and lacto bacteria produced during the fermentation process and gather some of the sweetness from the cherry into the bean. This wonderful coffee has notes of red apple and papaya and we're proud to share with you this second creation from Renacer.

We taste

Red Apple, Papaya, Medium Balance


Proyecto Renacer


Medellin, Colombia


Caturra, Castillo, Colombia


Washed - double fermentation