Contemporary coffees are complex, but easygoing. Like you.

Effortlessly interesting. Totally laid back.

Sip the best of both worlds.

Medium body with a balanced profile of dark or dried fruit, contemporary coffees catch your attention and keep it. All while being tame enough to serve as your daily drinker.



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Blue BoyBlue Boy
Blue Boy
Sale priceFrom $18.90
Best Seller
Play NicePlay Nice
Play Nice
Sale priceFrom $19.20
Sunset DecafSunset Decaf
Sunset Decaf
Sale priceFrom $19.00
Methodical Collection Sample Box
Honduras, Walter BautistaHonduras, Walter Bautista
Honduras, Walter Bautista
Sale priceFrom $28.00
Tanzania PB, Mount KilimanjaroTanzania PB, Mount Kilimanjaro
Tanzania PB, Mount Kilimanjaro
Sale priceFrom $19.00
Ethiopia, Origins - NaturalEthiopia, Origins - Natural
Ethiopia, Origins - Natural
Sale priceFrom $24.00
Ethiopia, Origins - WashedEthiopia, Origins - Washed
Ethiopia, Origins - Washed
Sale priceFrom $24.00
Peru, Jorge ChavezPeru, Jorge Chavez
Peru, Jorge Chavez
Sale priceFrom $22.71
Colombia, Maria GallegoColombia, Maria Gallego
Colombia, Maria Gallego
Sale priceFrom $25.22
Costa Rica, Ureña Rojas FamilyCosta Rica, Ureña Rojas Family
Costa Rica, Ureña Rojas Family
Sale priceFrom $25.00
Contemporary Coffees

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What do you look for in a cup of coffee?

Torn between a single origin or a blend? Start here.

Blends are crafted for consistency. They’re for people who want their coffee to taste almost the same each time. 

Each blend starts with a flavor profile in mind. We then mix several single-origin coffees to achieve that flavor profile. If we run out of one component, we can swap it for another similar one. This means blends can be available year-round.

Blends taste great black but also hold up great with cream and sugar, flavorings, or in espresso drinks.

Single Origin Staples highlight specific origins and process. They’re for people who love the flavor profiles often associated with specific origins and processes and who want a dependable flavor profile that’s available year-round. 

They’re called single origin staples because though the farm may change, the coffees will always be sourced from the same origin, processed the same way, and have similar flavor characteristics.

Single Origin Staples taste great black but also hold up great with cream and sugar, flavorings, or in espresso drinks.

Single Origins highlight the diversity mother nature creates through something called terroir: the place, weather, and soil. They’re for people looking for something they’ve never had before.

Because weather and place greatly impact flavor, single-origin coffees will never taste the same year after year. When you drink a single-origin coffee, you get to taste a singular place and a moment in time, which is what makes it so special.

Some single origin coffees will taste great with milk and sugar, but many do not and we recommend enjoying single origins black to fully appreciate the life this coffee lived.