Methodical Gift Guide 2019

Methodical Gift Guide 2019

If your family is anything like mine, your Christmas tree went up the day after Thanksgiving. This year, I heard there was a doorbuster deal on pre-lit 6.5-foot artificial trees at Lowe’s. Now, I’m not typically a Black Friday door-busting sort of human, and I certainly have never been a fake tree sort of human, but apparently, everything changes when you have a toddler. (Bet you’ve never heard that before.) If I have to clothe and dress an extra person whose hands are often sticky, the least I can do for myself is avoid a pine-needle mess and the hassle of winding lights around a dying, captive tree. 


Whether you’re a quitter like me or you’re sticking with the real thing, it’s time to start putting gifts under those branches. We’ve rounded up our favorite coffee gifts for your perusal, and there’s something for everybody. So, make like an elf and stuff those stockings!!



Methodical Beanie

Let’s begin with a literal stocking stuffer. You know that one friend you have who always has on a beanie? Yeah, him. Have you ever even seen him without a beanie? Are you certain you know what color his hair is? If he even *has* hair? These are questions we may never have answers to, but at least now you have an answer to “what do I get hat guy for Christmas?” This. This is what.


Stagg Kettle

Alright, let’s amp up a bit. If you or someone you know is afflicted with good taste, both in coffee and in brewing equipment, you won’t find a better kettle. At Methodical, we use the Stagg to brew our pour overs. We love how the unique spout helps you brew precisely and how the base helps to keep the water temperature consistent. It stands the test of frequent bar use in our shops, so it’s sure to be one of the most durable pieces in your coffee arsenal. 


Methodical Candle

Candles as gifts get a lot of unfair press. Some say they’re cliche, but ask yourself this question: How often do I actually buy yourself a *nice candle*? I’m guessing not often. Stands to reason that your loved ones probably don’t either. This particular candle is a strong contender for gift material – it’s made regionally by our friends at Brick + Mortar, burning an elegant blend of sandalwood, tobacco, amber, and ginger for 50+ hours. It brings a little warmth to any space it burns in, and that’s the real gift.


Yield Glass French Press

The French Press is a classic coffee maker. This one from the handmade glass company Yield makes the perfect gift for someone who likes coffee and design. It’s beautiful, clean, and with a little skill, will make a fine cup of coffee.


Methodical Coffee

These long, dark winter hours spent indoors with family and friends are made brighter with a cup of good coffee. A bag of Blue Boy would make the perfect host gift, appealing to all kinds of coffee tastes. A single origin African coffee might make your coffee-obsessed friends smile. And for those that you really want to treat? There’s nothing like a coffee subscription to let them know you love them.


Bonavita Coffee Maker

It’s no secret that we love to do things the slow way, the hand-crafted way. We’re also big fans of quality with ease, though. The Bonavita 8-cup automatic drip coffee maker is the answer to home batch brewing while keeping the quality up to par. The secret is in the water temperature, the steady brewing rate, and the way the water is distributed over the coffee grounds. The Bonavita Coffee Maker would make an *excellent* gift for coffee lovers who just don’t have time to do it the slow way, every time.