How does it work?

Choose your product when you sign up, and change it at any time.
Once you get the scale, you sync it with your WiFi network once. You can zero the scale with any container you'd like.
The ordering system is advanced. We estimate your future consumption and likelihood of resupply arriving continuously.
The scale battery lasts a year.
We track all orders until they arrive and replace them if they don't.

Do I have control over ordering?

Yes! You will get an alert 8-12 hours before orders are placed so you have a chance to change your product, postpone or cancel.
This alert can be via SMS, email or iOS app.
You can also customize how "eager" our algorithms are to order for you. We can be paranoid and try to optimize for "never running out", we can "balance priorities" or we can try to order later to optimize freshness.