Ethiopia, Origins - Washed
Ethiopia, Origins - Washed

Ethiopia, Origins - Washed

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Ethiopia, Origins - Washed


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We Taste

Floral, Citrus, Tea




Metu Bishari Selections, Gera Selections, Merdacheriko


Oromia, Ethiopia


1,933-2,200 masl

Origins pays tribute to the profound origins and cultural significance of wild arabica coffee, deeply rooted in the heart of Ethiopia.

Origins are two, always-available coffees from Ethiopia—a beloved region among our customers. Offered as a washed and a natural process, Origins pays tribute to the birthplace of Arabica coffee and presents two distinct flavor profiles that are fruity, floral, tea-like, and unmistakably Ethiopian.

Where it's from

Currently, Origins Washed is sourced from Abana Coffee Estate. Abana translates to "our fathers" in Arabic. Started in 2009, Abana cultivates a 300 hectare plot of land located in Southwestern Ethiopia in the heart of the Oromia region. This old growth highland forest is the perfect environment for coffee to thrive. Abana is an ecologically-friendly farm utilizing a water recycling wet mill, maintains a healthy forest canopy, and properly disposes of waste. The rolling hills are alive with dozens of animal species and several water sources including a natural spring at 2100 meters.

This coffee is washed processed, meaning it goes through a water soaking process to remove the mucilage from the beans once the outer skin and cherry is removed, mechanically. It then goes through a drying process until it is ready to be sent to us.

how to brew

Pour Over Recipe


25 grams of coffee ground medium-fine


400 grams of 205F˙ Water


Pour 50 grams of water to start. After 40 seconds, add 2r 00g. At 1:30 pouall water. Finish at 3:00-3:30.


We roast to order and ship Monday-Thursday. Orders are usually fulfilled the production day after they are placed (for example, orders placed on Monday will ship on Tuesday). Orders placed Thursday-Sunday will be fulfilled and shipped on Monday.

By you? Yes. By us, sadly, no. Currently, we can only ship whole-bean coffee.

Freshness is critical to fully enjoying coffee. We roast to order to ensure your coffee is at peak freshness when it arrives. Sometimes our shipping partners experience delays due to weather, heightened demand, technical issues, pandemics, or aliens. All of which is out of our hands, except the aliens, but that's not for here.

If your package is delayed, let us know and we'll track it down and escalate its delivery. If it's delayed more than 2 weeks past the shipment date, and your order includes coffee, we'll either refund your money or ship you fresh coffee at no cost.


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