Late Night

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Roasts and ships Monday through Thursday.

  • We Taste: Roasted Nuts, Smoky, Dark Chocolate
  • Components: 50% Costa Rica La Pastora - 50% Brazil Dulce Signature

Our roastiest toastiest coffee without any bitterness.

Our Belly Warmer blend was created as an homage to diner coffee—the early morning or late night comfort food assistant. But we've decided to take our Belly Warmer blend and turn it to 11 with Methodical Late Night. This is our darkest, boldest, most developed cup of coffee we offer yet without the bitterness often associated with dark roasted coffee. This coffee is equally enjoyable black or with cream and sugar. You'll find no judgement here.

Where is it from?

Late Night is made up of equal parts Costa Rica, La Pastora and Brazil, Dulce Signature. The Costa Rican component is brought to us from the CoopeTarrazu cooperative group in the San Jose province of Costa Rica. The co-op represents over 3,500 partners in the province, and is committed to the welfare of those partners and their communities. The Brazilian component is the culmination of work by two female producers in the São Palo region of Brazil. Together they make Methodical Late Night, a rich, bold, and creamy cup of coffee.

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Customer Reviews
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United States United States

We've been buying our beans from online sources and local roasters. We've enjoyed some great coffee. My daughter also subscribes to a book/coffee site where they send her a book and a bag of whole beans on a monthly basis. They usually run from $15-18/12 ounce bag and some have been excellent. This month, the bag was Late Night. Against some pretty stiff competition, this is our clear favorite. I never drink coffee late in the day, but here I was last night drinking Late Night at 9:00 PM. While I always drink my coffee black, my daughter always adds creamer and the like, but, for the first time, for two days straight, she's just had this coffee black. That says something!!! We'll be ordering more from you in the future. Our morning cup is super important and you fit the bill to a tee.

David D.
United States United States
Late night

Tasted good but I prefer a darker roast

Lesley W.
United States United States
Love the Late Night!

This is probably my new favorite! Anxious to try some of the others!

Angela M.
United States United States
If you like chocolate covered espresso beans…and who doesn’t?!

I found Methodical Coffee when I was traveling to visit my sister in Richmond. It is such a smooth and rich cup of coffee. I raved about it so much that my sister bought more as a gift. She received the funniest confirmation email that she shared with me. Love this company and the product!

Jacqueline R.
United States United States
Quite literally great after a late night!

Bought this extra in addition to my subscription since I had folks coming into town. Was an excellent cup (black) after our night out. Very robust and nutty. You won’t regret purchasing!